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As I’m new to blogging I keep getting stuck with my intros. I like to keep them pun-chy (wahay) and snappy and love a good play on words. Ready?

So I went in a Little Social and came out a Lottle Social. Brilliant. Unfortunately ‘lottle’ is not a word, though it totally should be. The reason for putting it this way however, is more than just in aid of a headline, it also very accurately describes the size, weight and tipsiness we felt when leaving the restaurant.


little social

Little Social on Pollen Street.



Little Social is a beautiful, intimate place: dark with glittering lights. It could be very romantic if you go with the right person but I also sense it could be a great place to take friends and family. There’s a special buzz to it, despite it being the most in-the-middle-of-nowhere you can get when you’re only 50 metres from Regent Street. There is also great music that we noticed casually at first before finding ourselves swaying increasingly the more wine we drank. Our booking was last minute so we were up at the bar, which isn’t for everyone but is always fine by me. It’s nice to be in the midst of it all and it’s very nice having your own ‘personal’ barman. Plus, it’s great that you can get a last minute space at all given the major constant hype about Jason Atherton’s restaurants currently (FYI, Michelin starred Pollen Street Social is opposite if you want to go really fancy).


bar little social

Our private bar tender – cutting out the middle man.

Moving on to the food then. Despite it being Valentine’s Eve and society wanting us to have a dainty tasting menu, we both went for the STEAK. However we did, with a nod to romance, at least get the rib-eye to share. There was really no need for us to have eaten that day, or the previous two months before for that matter, as this is where the ‘lottle’ comes into the equation. We were warned it was big so hadn’t ordered any starters (and anyway, I’ve never been so happy with a bread basket in my life – the smokey butter was beurre-fection) but when the entire kilo of barbeque meat arrived, good.ness.grac.ious.


steak little social

The delicious main event.


The meal was served beautifully and, for a sharing meal, it didn’t require very much actual sharing. We each had our own beef dripping chips (good, because Valentine’s Day is cancelled the moment someone tries to steal mine), our own bone marrow joint and there were two delicious sauces. The actual meat was gorgeous of course, hugely gorgeous. It felt like we were eating that meat for days without making an indent, and my body got full before my tastebuds got tired of it.


Steak Little social

A one course wonder.


Ultimately, I am not at all qualified to discuss Little Social’s true range as between us we only managed one item from their probably brilliant menu. But non, je ne regrette rien. If I was to return, which I should like to do every fortnight for eternity, I would order the exact same again. I would want the same waitresses who were lovely, the same barman who was great and the same wine. I don’t like to be stuck in my ways but put it this way: if groundhog day had been 13 February 2016, I would not object.




Little Social: (Website)

Location: Pollen Street, half way down Regent Street from Oxford Circus and on the right.

Tips of what to do beforehand? Kopapa (see my post) for an amazing Kiwi brunch, Freud (see my post) for frugal Covent Garden cocktails, shopping in Carnaby Street, Liberties & Selfridges.

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