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Kopapa means ‘gathering place’ in Maori, as I was told by the Kiwi bloke* I went there with. Over the years, New Zealanders haven’t contributed too much to society which is probably why they know (and will undoubtedly notify you of) everything that they have ever brought to the global table (the Haka, Russell Crowe, Dan Carter, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and the Body Shop, to name them all). Now, therefore, I was informed with bursting pride that Kopapa was also of Kiwi origin. And to be fair, the pride was thoroughly deserved as this place blew my mind.

kopapa 2

Kopapa on Monmouth Street.

We went in the weekend for a midday brunch with a friend to celebrate me leaving for Singapore and her leaving for a hippy yoga retreat in Goa and we were lucky to get a walk-in table as the queue after us was Long. Once seated, the atmosphere buzzed and flashed with the many people gushing about, and photographing, their delicious food. Kopapa also have a wonderful host of really laid back and friendly Kiwi waiters, so our Kiwi got to have a little Auckland small talk and, pardon the stereotype but, they all just come across really cool.

kopapa 3

Turkish Eggs (£9.50) – so simple but so incredible.

A downside of the busy-ness was that we only had the table for an hour. Usually that would be enough for a quick brunch but not when you’re indecisive and you need all that time to even choose from their menu. Eventually I went for the Turkish eggs (a yogurty / poached egg pot) over the chorizo hash, a decision dubiously based on the fact that I could sense it was being Instagrammed the most and who am I to defy a majority. Yoga-friend got the same, kiwi-bloke got a fry-up. And ‘Ayyy Bruuu’ as they say down there, the eggs were ‘lowkey’ amazing. Honest. To. Goodness. I have never eaten a better egg meal. It was like the egg-lixir of life. Let’s let that one go. But seriously, it was like a creamy, rich soup of perfeggtion.



I’ve only just spotted the cross-town doughnuts!! 🙁


I want to note that despite it being the type of place you could easily blow a lot of cash on a champagne brunch, it wasn’t even overly flash- our sober brunch didn’t break the bank and, as a lunch, it’s great value.


*I should also mention that aforementionted Kiwi Bloke is my boyfriend who doesn’t want to be mentioned too much in my posts hence the Enigma code that I have adopted.

Kopapa: Website

Location: Covent Garden, London, on the corner of Monmouth Street and Earlham Street

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