F&F February PoA & My Introduction to E1

Overheard in Haggerston: “East London isn’t just a compass point, it’s a vibe“. No comment.


If you had told me in 2011 that I’d end up living East of Holborn I would have weepingly wondered (wow, English literature A-Level alliteration there) what must have gone wrong with my life to deserve it. You may as well have told me that United would only win the league once in the next 5 years, or that bumbags would come back into fashion: out of the realm of possibility and gross. Basically my ignorant impression was simple – West: good, East: grim. Really I should have known better than to judge given that I spend considerable time pleading with people that the Midlands are actually really nice and basically begging anyone I meet to visit my home village (Denstone, I’m gonna make you famous).


East end dreaming- my adopted homeland.

Credit to my sister for this East End sunrise (I do naat get up early enough for that)


So rather than E1 being our immediate calling, it has been a yearly clockwise move through West London, the South (hello Clapham) and Brixton before finally getting on with it here. I’ve loved everywhere I’ve lived and was very nearly ready to make Brixton a permanent home – helped by the fact that seemingly everyone I’ve ever known ever has an SW postcode. But by then we knew better and the Derbyshire sister’s love an adventure. Besides, every good night out is in Hackney, Dalston or Shoreditch and my days are best spent bar / food hopping in London Fields, Broadway Market or Victoria Park Village. We even prefer the shops around Spitalfields and Kingsland Road, and that’s not to mention the many brilliant restaurants, which I will eventually and constantly blog. We like that everyone in the East looks like they’ve run away from either a nomadic / Adidas cult or from a substantial trust fund in the home counties, and that the difference between both is so negligibly fine. Also, once the girl with no uniform and an attitude casually gets round (in her own time) to throwing a plate substitute of food down in front of you, the brunches here are amazing!

Brick Lane

graffiti, a new beanie and furniture on Brick Lane (apologies to the accidental photobomber on the right)


Victoria Park

Victoria Park in the summer: crucial downside is you can’t take a bottle of wine on the boats 🙁


Now we live in walking distance of my favourite little side street in the City, Paradise Row in Bethnal Green, and we love it! This is why I have made my very first post a little love blog to the East: the first of a string of monthly vaguely random thoughts on an interesting area of the world accompanied by a more useful plan of attack of what to expect next. So without further ado, here are the upcoming highlights of Flash & Frugal from the rest of London and the World over the next few weeks:


Up and Coming General Highlights:


  • Excellence Playa Mujeres – Mexico, East Coast – the ultimate luxurious all inclusive retreat (go to Flash: Excellence)
  • Coco Bongos – Cancun – ‘Vegas-on-Sea’, starring cabaret, unlimited alcohol and spring burrreeeeak
  • Alpenclub – Engelberg – a cosy and scrummy fondue restaurant in the Swiss Alps
  • Kopapa – Covent Garden – this sensational Kiwi brunch spot is flash in spirit but won’t hurt the bank account too much (go to Flash: Kopapa
  • Little Social – Regent Street – Valentine’s Day treat (I didn’t have to pay but sadly don’t think that justifies making it ‘frugal’)
  • Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch – hopefully this will be a full night of live music and good ol’ ‘merican platters for my leaving party *this is not a general invite*


  • Isla Mujeres – Island off the East coast of Mexico – extremely cool backpacker and beachy vibe in the middle of turquoise Caribbean Sea (head to Frugal: Isla Mujeres)
  • Yucutan – Engelberg – lively, rocking bands and great burgers in the middle of the Swiss Alps
  • L’Arolay – Val d’Isere – buzzing traditional French mountain restaurant with a set menu that – wait for it – includes all you can drink wine!
  • Freud – Covent Garden – underground arty bar with cheap, brilliant cocktails (head to Frugal: Freud Bar)


So there’s an introduction and my plan of action. Please stay tuned for my first installments of February’s Flash and Frugal news and reviews. And if you want to learn more about the site head to About Flash & Frugal.




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