About Flash & Frugal

You’re here because you want to know what this is all about. I’ll try and explain:

What is Flash & Frugal?

The idea for Flash & Frugal came to me (like most modern day ‘eureka’ moments do) when scrolling through Instagram, half cross-eyed and way past any acceptable bed time (#noparents). My feed reads like the vogue advert pages: luxury shoes, after luxury food, after luxury hammock in the Balinese wilderness. They’re totally aspirational. Beautiful. Wonderful. Fabulous. Usually over budget. And we aren’t all The Queen. Besides, that level of aspiration misses a charm that you can only get from a blooming good bargain.

Here, the glorification of ‘lifestyle’ will come at you from both sides, bringing you the best of the flash and the frugal. Sometimes both at once. I have no limits now: I’ve got a blog.

Who am I?

Another question I find myself asking at 2am in bed…

I am Ellie. I am, in practice, a Generation Y, millennial, twenty-something,  East Londoner-therefore-bottomless-brunch-eating, manicure shunning, sister of a much better version than me, girl. I also have blonde hair and brown eyes which I can assure you won’t come through my writing. So here’s a picture:


So why now?

London living is great, but change is a brewing. Work is sending me off to South-East Asia for 6 months, so my new home is Singapore. Moving to one of the travel hubs of the world gives me the exciting opportunity to share (hopefully somewhat) entertaining news and honest reviews about all the places I visit. This means you can expect regular posts of everything from flash hotels in Cambodia to frugal street food in Hong Kong. And in the meantime I’ll be blogging about what I know – London.



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