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Here’s one: when does one plus one not equal two? When ‘one’ is a hangover so the result is  MINUS 10,000. (HAHA). That’s just a little ditty about my Friday, Saturday, then Sunday on my first weekend in Singapore. (Also see Garden Beats). It was therefore bordering on miraculous that the majority of people actually turned up, let alone conversed sociably, on Sunday afternoon for our brunch bonanza. Maybe it is because hangovers are for the weak, and we goddamit aren’t weak, we are trainee lawyers and tough as nails. Our own parents tremble at the thought of getting a semi-contentious ‘fact’ out of the cracker on Christmas day, as gee wizz there will be debates to the death.



The other possibility is that the bottomless Veuve and bottomless food brunch concept was simply too good to waste with feeling sorry for oneself. If you have me on Instagram (I’m @flashandfrugal) you’ll note that an obsession with Marina Bay Sands Hotel has been developing. Only right, therefore, that our first foray into brunch life in Singapore was at the great building itself, at Adrift by David Myers. Proudly, I didn’t get anywhere near as emotional as when I saw the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time (Have a read of that debacle). But it was amazing to finally be somewhere that actually feels real life magical architecture.




As a bit of background reading: 1. brunch is huge in Singapore, 2. bottomless booze is massive in Singapore, 3. I think I’m gonna like it here. Every decent hotel and restaurant seems to have some take on the brunch theme for either Saturday or Sunday. And it’s not bottomless in the way that afternoon tea at The Ritz is bottomless (where you can have maybe an extra mini cucumber sandwich but will feel too awkward to demand more sponge cake and way out of line tapping your empty champagne glass obnoxiously at the waiter for refills). This was bottomless like Pizza Hut lunchtime banquets. I mean, you could want for nothing. There was Veuve, cocktails, mojitos, bloody maries, wine (soft drinks :s), all on the offer. The waiters never let your drink get dry. I usually want to push some boundaries, but we didn’t even have to. Like kings and queens we were.


Bottomless Veuve champagne Adrift Singapore Brunch

Veuve champagne brunch at Adrift David Myers


Then the food. The buffet appetisers and fish courses were pretty special. The spread was like something from the Capitol in The Hunger Games. You had to be strategic though, as space had to be left for your main and pudding (which was a la carte and a tough choice). My plate was a complete tip as I can, in no way, contain myself with such an assortment of treats. I believe there was beef carpaccio, peach, parma ham, a stilton and a brie, smoked salmon, lemon drizzle cake, tuna tartare, cinnamon buns and a passion fruit on my plate. Thankfully some were more Instagram friendly…



seafood champagne brunch sinagpore

smoked salmon & champagne Marina Bay Sands Brunch Adrift


After we had unanimously gone back for more of the delicious selection, and already resembled beach balls a tad more than we had pre-food, the mains arrived. Obviously the greatest smugness on the planet is nailing your order when someone else fails. So here’s the downside to the menu: the steak is tiny. You could barely even see it. The plate was beautiful and apparently it was delicious but all the ladsy lads who went for steak for brunch, just like lads, were a bit disappointed with the portion size. Champ over here though got a burger and it won. Notably, the chicken waffles and the eggs benedict also looked fab.

Burger & champagne Marina Bay Sands Brunch Adrift

The Burger (beef beneath)…

Eggs Benedict Marina Bay Sands Brunch Adrift

The Eggs Benedict…


Steak champagne brunch sinagpore

The Steak… (can you see it?)


And don’t forget pudding! Again, we were full. Again, we all finished our plates. The cinnamon French toast is extreme. The hazelnut cake is more.


Caramel French Toast Adrift Singapore Brunch

The Caramel French Toast


Overall, Adrift by David Myers was the best way to spend a Sunday and beat a hangover. I usually feel a bit adrift after a big night out but no one left this place feeling anything but giddy from the bubbles and supremely satisfied. The décor is lovely, the ambience is chilled, and you can go there as a pair on a brunch date or a squad on a mission.




They were trying to get us to leave at one stage but we were having none of it so by the time the bill came I couldn’t think what I deserved to have paid for the amount I’d consumed. Estimations ran to the thousands, but it was just a ‘thrifty’ $150, all inc (and that included a Restaurant Week discount). Yep, that’s ten times more than a normal brunch, but this was not a normal brunch. This was the brunch Lamborghini amongst Fords.




Website: Adrift by David Myers

Where: Marina Bay Sands Lobby

Tip: Afterwards get the lift to Flight Bar on the roof for a cocktail with unmatchable view!

*Suggestions for next brunch spots are encouraged!*

view Marina Bay Sands Singapore Brunch

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